About Everyday Eye

Who am I?

My name is Mark Goldstein and I live in London, UK. Everday Eye is an attempt to dedicate a small proportion of my time to my own personal photography. Being the editor of a popular photography website called PhotographyBLOG tends to take up the rest of my week. As the name might suggest, I will be attempting to publish one photograph per day on Everyday Eye, mostly new pictures, but occassionally older ones to help fill-in the inevitable gaps.

Prints and Stock Photos

If you see an image that you would like to buy, either as a print or stock image, please get in touch. If you can't find anything here, take a look at my more formal portfolio website, markgoldstein.co.uk, which contains over 1,000 images on a wide variety of subjects from the last few years.


You can contact me by emailing: info@everydayeye.com